How Companies Can Respond To Inflation

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 AFTER COVID-19, THE FORCE THAT DISRUPTED BUSINESS WASINFLATION. Companies that have consistently exhibited high performance are fully aware of the need to (re)invent themselves and / or to capture mercurial customer tastes and behavior as two corporate strategies. In every industry, especially necessities, high prices have beset consumers and both consumers and providers have been…

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Consumer Electronics in the Gulf Cooperation Countries


Consumer Electronics inTHE Gulf Cooperation Countries: Opportunity but withStrategic Uncertainty One exception to the COVID economic destruction in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) has been the consumer electronics market. This encompasses all electronics that individuals and families buy from mobile phones, laptops, televisions, iPads, to driers. In a fairly small but very competitive sector, Excite,…

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

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COVID-19 was the litmus test for profitability for many businesses and the deathbed for the hospitality, tourism, and commercial aviation sectors, and their suppliers. Regardless of the scope of financial loss, one observation has remained:Digital adulthood is the key to profitability and a business buffering itself from external shocks. Another lesson that has risen is…

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Diasporas Are Inroads!

DIASPORAS ARE INROADS! Diasporic businesses are on the rise! The leading Asian nationalities in the United States are the Chinese and Indian: They have the highest education attainment for Asian minorities, so have high-skill jobs and middle to high-class incomes. A distant 3rd minority group is the Arab one, mainly Lebanese and Egyptians, scattered over…

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The connection between marketing, analytics, and business growth is gradually becoming explicit in the Middle East – North Africa (MENA) region. The region has extremely low expenditure on Research and Development (R&D), barring the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), and has mostly think-tanks or policy institutes aligned with universities, that is, that do not undertake marketing….

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Tectonic Shifts in Digital Marketing

Social media and technology have shattered barriers and penetration rates are near 100% in the Arab region because of the youth bulge and business embracing digital media One consequence of this tectonic shift has been client sides enlarging their digital marketing teams so that they minimize, if not eliminate, any need for outsourcing and to…

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Entrepreneurship in Middle East: A Snapshot

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Entrepreneurship in Middle East It has assumed increasing importance in many Arab countries and countless aspiring entrepreneurs have launched start-ups. As of 2019, the United Arab Emirates is the leading country1 in the region by number of deals and amount of funding for start-ups, and the country has implemented policies to officially support entrepreneurship and…

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Technology and Human Resources in Middle East

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Three factors have been changing the human resources field in the Arab region:  The surplus of those in technical fields (i.e., engineering, medicine, accounting)  The technology and data revolution  The demographic bulge, as people under 35 are the majority in each Arab country. Many companies are now creating jobs in digital marketing, especially in Saudi…

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