Light at the End of the Tunnel

Covid-19 & Business

One lesson emerges from COVID-19:
The indispensability of online business and the online Customer Experience!

COVID-19 was the litmus test for profitability for many businesses and the deathbed for the hospitality, tourism, and commercial aviation sectors, and their suppliers. Regardless of the scope of financial loss, one observation has remained:
Digital adulthood is the key to profitability and a business buffering itself from external shocks.
Another lesson that has risen is the brand of a business. One news website in Jordan and several others in the United States did not lose any advertising profits because of their strong brand and their centrality in the region. So, despite COVID-19’s sweeping harm, businesses can immunize themselves by making themselves near indispensable to their market and customers. These two lessons—digital adulthood and indispensability — are symbiotic.

Part of digital adulthood
has been the en masse
migration to

Even companies with a semi-established online customer funnel felt the tug of an online customer experience.
Online Shopping Edited
Instagram saw a huge increase in online and online-only business pages and many business owners received orders only through Instagram
Online business traffic grew three to five times during the epidemic in China, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, and others.
What this portends is a quick, steady evolution of business practices to the following
Pillars of great CX:
  1. Online Adulthood
  2. Quick Customer Service
  3. Speed
  4. Enticing, Customer-Focused Content
  5. E-Commerce
Trust Advisory administered a survey as part of its ongoing consulting and business strategy services.


Businesses need to dedicate regular effort, technical infrastructure, financial resources, and labor to their online presence. This does not simply mean a chat box and a website but a separate, yet integrated, online presence.


Instagram, WhatsApp, and Uber have been steadily gaining a growing share of the delivery and online business markets.

What can enhance branding is instant, professional interaction with customers.


An easy way to risk losing a customer is to take too long to serve them.

Ride-sharing applications tell the story: Most passengers cancel a ride request simply if it takes more than, say, 3 minutes to reach them!


Whether a company is in transportation, education, technology, or a mom-and-pop shop,
content is king.

A website or even an Instagram page does not last, let alone drive traffic, without consistent, branded, and high-quality content.
This can encompass everything from blogs, white papers, videos, pictures, to others.


It does not matter in what industry vertical a business is.
E-commerce is paramount but not in the literal sense.

Businesses, vitally in the retail sector, should implement e-commerce, supported by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Companies in less customer-facing sectors, should refine their online capabilities.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Digital Adulthood